How Important is Technology when Selling Real Estate?

Technology has changed the way we live and, in our humble opinion, it has changed the shape of the property industry – especially when selling off plan property.

Making it easier for buyers

First-time buyers often complain at the fast rate in which properties are snapped up. Advances in email and SMS technology means that many people are able to set up alerts for properties which meet their criteria.

A high level of competition from online estate agents makes the market more competitive for buyers. Many people who purchase a property through an online portal save money in agency fees. With agents able to add floor plans, images and maps to each property post, buyers are able to obtain a lot of information from an agent’s website.

As with everything in life, the internet is a great research tool and this is very apparent for house buyers and property investors.

A few careful searches online can help determine whether the property is a good purchase or not.

Off plan property

Modern CGI mock ups have revolutionised the off plan property investment market. Back in the day, an investor would only be able to use floorplans and accompanying marketing brochures to visualise their purchase.

Jump forward to 2015 (well, perhaps a little earlier than that) and the use of modern CGI images and flythrough videos is pretty much standard.

The technology to produce panoramic tours has allowed buyers to visualise what their dream villa or investment property will look like once built.

When it comes to off plan property, it would seem that advance in technology can only help estate agents to sell their stock.

It’s yet to be seen where technology will take real estate in the future however, advances in how properties are marketed and sold online has no doubt had a positive effect for estate agents and buyers.

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