The tools you could need for the move in or move out cleaning

Whether you plan to buy or sell a new house or you just plan to move for study in another city, or you want to see the parents for the big vacation – you definitely want to leave the house clean too. That`s why it is essential to plan the move in or the move out cleaning in advance. The most typical opt is to hire a professional team for domestic cleaning, which will do everything for the flawlessly clean outlook of the house and in a professional way, but another great opt and it is usually a cheaper opt – is to make everything by yourself. If you prefer doing so, then you are about to need some basic and specific cleaning tools, such as the ones mentioned right next:

1) The vacuum cleaner is indispensable for carpeting or even for a removal of dust from curtains, blinds, upholstered furniture and more. Always change the vacuum cleaner bag before getting started with the move out cleaning. Use a brushed nozzle and reduce the suction power to be suitable for the lightest materials like curtains and blankets. The vacuum cleaner provides the fastest and easiest way for getting rid of all the loose particles and dirt, as well as easiest way to make the dry fibers of rugs and carpets fluffy like new.

2) Sponges, towels, cloths, a stiff spatula and a stiff brush for removal of the dislodged dirt, or overall – all the tools needed for spot cleaning carpets, rugs, upholsteries and other textile coverings. Don`t forget to prepare a couple of different sizes of bowls for mixing and stirring the detergents. Wet wipes and paper towels are often useful too.

3) Protective gloves and a mask. The move in or the move out cleaning definitely include some of the most difficult and most comprehensive cleaning tasks for the year, so you don`t want to expose yourself to unhealthy bacteria and dirt, nor to the volatile chemical compounds from the detergents. Sometimes, all the exercises may last for a good long day and you should be prepared in advance.

4) A detergent for every stain and object. A multi-purpose cleaner from the store should be enough for dealing with almost all the types of lights stains, ranging from tea spills to the most frequent spots from kitchen grease. Yet to make sure that you have the right detergent for every stain and for every surface – a greater idea is to get yourself two types of all-purpose detergents – one in the form of a spray and one in the form of paste or cream. However, some truly persistent stains and blemishes can be removed only with a much stronger detergent.

5) A sanitizer, a deodorizing agent and/or a mould remover. They all are strong enough to eliminate all bacteria, germs, pollens and microorganisms from the surfaces while in the meantime, the fresh pleasant aroma delivers that expected sense of cleanliness before moving out for the vacation.

6) A spray for windows cleaning. It is important to clean the windows only with a special detergent for windows and not with homemade detergents or with other usual detergents. The special detergents for windows are non-abrasive and they provide the best results. Applied with a squeegee, the advantage of a greater surface coverage can make the window cleaning in the entire house to last about an hour.

7) A wax for polishing. There are different waxes – for wood surfaces, for leather and even waxes with a special pigmentation that restore shine and texture of the leather. Choose the ones that will provide the best finish of most of the furniture.

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