5 great things to do in London

Whether you’ve lived here for years or are visiting for the first time you’ll never be short of things to do in London. Central London Estate agent, LDG says “It really does have something for everyone of all ages and you’re guaranteed to be spoilt for choice- and the beauty is, a lot of the attractions are completely free.”

We could be here all week listing all the great attractions our capital has to offer, so here are five things to do in London that are a little more out of the ordinary:

Take a walk down the South Bank

The South Bank is one of the prettiest parts of London, especially on a warm Summer night.  Starting at the London Eye (opposite Waterloo station), take a stroll along the bank, taking in a huge selection of cultural and historical delights as you go- not to mention all the great places you can stop for a bite to eat. Proskips explains its appeal-

“There’s something really special about the South Bank- it’s busy but not crowded, full of culture but not pretentious, bustling but not too noisy.”

There hundreds of bespoke shops offering everything from handmade Japanese teapots to intricate pieces of furniture, and you’ll see everything from famous TV studios and art galleries to The Golden Hinde. There’s plenty here for all the family and a great view too.

Visit London’s only cat café

Since Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium opened just a couple of years ago it’s hosted visitors from all over the world. This lovely vintage tea shop in Shoreditch is home to a selection of pampered felines who will sit and play near you while you enjoy the delicious cakes and pastries on offer. If you’re concerned about welfare, don’t be- the happiness and wellbeing of these cats is of paramount importance to the owners, and all the residents are very well looked after. Book well in advance- visit www.ladydinahs.com for more info.

Take in the view from the top of The Shard

Standing at 309.6 metres (1,016 feet) high, The Shard is the tallest building in the UK and the fourth tallest in the whole of Europe. This 95 storey skyscraper earned its name because it looks like a giant piece of broken glass, and in the four years since it was built it’s already become one of the most well-known landmarks in the capital. Enjoy a glass of champagne or a five star meal when you reach the top, or simply take in the breath-taking views of London.

See the pelicans at St James’ Park

St James’ is one of London’s prettiest and best loved parks, and since it’s just a short walk from Buckingham Palace it’s always popular with tourists. It’s a great place to come for a picnic and full of wildlife such as ducks, squirrels and swans. But it’s perhaps the pelicans who garner the most amount of interest to visitors- first introduced in 1664, they’ve been delighting guests for centuries with their friendly, eccentric ways.

Have a pint at the Kray’s old stomping ground

The Blind Beggar has been a popular venue for fans of British culture for decades, but since Tom Hardy brought a new breath of life into the Kray’s story in the 2015 film Legend it’s seen even more visitors. Set deep in the heart of London’s East End, it’s a welcoming, friendly pub which offers good old fashioned British food and a great pint.

London Bridge estate agent, Williams Lynch says, “No matter how long you live in London, you’ll never get round all the great things there are to see and do. This wonderfully diverse and interesting city just doesn’t get boring, which is why so many people still want to live here.”

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