How safe are student property returns in Liverpool?

How safe are student property returns in Liverpool

Ever since 2011, the UK’s student property market has seen increasing levels of investment. It has been reported that over £11 billion has been invested in the sector over the last 3 years.

Investors have been attracted by lower entry level pricing, a 0% Stamp Duty rate and the higher returns promised by what is now considered the UK’s number one asset class.

Void periods in student accommodation also tend to be shorter than traditional buy-to-lets. The combination of a continuous flow of students attending universities coupled with summer schools, make the void period relatively short (if any).

As more overseas students increase their mobility and see the value in studying in the UK, the demand for purpose-built student rooms has soared.

Even with Brexit on the horizon, investors remain positive about the market. It is expected that £5.3 billion will be invested in UK student property across 2017, with an increase in transaction volumes from those based in the Far East.

Liverpool as an investment location

Liverpool is one of the key players in the student market. With around 57,000 students studying at 5 universities, it really is a hub for young people who are eager to learn.

Its designated Knowledge Quarter, which has received investment into the billions, has positioned itself as an area that can compete globally for student applications.

As student numbers swell, the city remains a lucrative environment for investors and a new wave of high quality housing appears to be the choice for astute buyers.

Aura Liverpool Student is one example of why investors have flocked to the city for this type of asset. For starters, the development looks more like a boutique 5-star hotel rather than a dwelling for students however, according to those in the know, this is the type of accommodation students expect to live in these days.

Students in Aura will have full access to an on-site gym, communal areas with quirky seating and large TV screens where they can congregate to watch the latest television shows or sports. There is also ample outdoor space for student residence to enjoy.

The bedrooms within the development appear larger than the average student room and studio apartments within the block will allow students who are serious about studying to get the quiet space they require.

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