[Infographic] Private HMOs vs Purpose-Built Accommodation

Student property management experts, Opto Living know a few things about today’s modern student.

Opto Living specialises in student rooms in Luton and operates two new-build student developments; London Park House and Chapel Street.


Opto Living student rooms in Luton

Both buildings have been designed to provide students with a new era of accommodation and they could easily be mistaken for housing for young professionals.

From an on-site gym to a cinema room, from comfortable shared living spaces to spacious meeting and study rooms, students have a selection of mod cons the students from the Young Ones would find unbelievable.

Opto Living has found that students are often surprised at the great value for money the accommodation offers and, as all bills are included, students can have a helping hand to help manage their finances while they get used to living away from home for the first time.

Private HMOs vs Purpose-Built Accommodation Infographic

In this new infographic, student property experts, Opto Living look at why so many students prefer to stay in purpose-built accommodation over private HMOs.

Using data from the NUS, this useful infographic helps explain why more and more students have shifted their attention away from Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs) to individual rooms within purpose-built student developments.

The NUS report which was written in 2014 outlines the conditions students in the UK are living in and has outlined that student accommodation should be improved throughout the country.  Read report…

“Although there’s a commonly held perception that poor quality student housing is a rite of passage, it is both disgusting and unacceptable that students should live in vermin infested housing in this day and age.

“Our research has raised alarming health and safety issues and we are calling for more effective enforcement of standards to ensure students’ homes are fit for study,” NUS Vice President (Welfare), Colum McGuire commented.

Opto Living is proud to provide a selection of en-suite and studio rooms in Luton which surpass the expectations of students.

“We are very happy that both of our student developments are running at 100% occupancy and many students have decided to stay year after year. The modern spacious design of the buildings provide a comfortable and safe environment for students,” a representative from Opto Living explains.

“Our on-site management team is based in the reception of each building which means that someone is available should any of our students have any problems or issues. The all-inclusive nature of the pricing structure also means that students don’t have to worry about running up expensive heating bills in the winter.”

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