New York City Skyline will Welcome World’s Thinnest Skyscraper

The brainchild of well-established architects SHoP, a new residential tower has been designed for New York City’s skyline.

The building will be situated in the centre of midtown on 57th Street and will nestle between 2 existing buildings.

skyscraper-nycThe world’s thinnest skyscraper will span just 45 feet wide and will extend to over 1,350 feet tall.

The design’s width to height ratio will help class the building as the thinnest skyscraper on the planet.

Commenting on the design, a spokesperson from SHoP stated: “The design aims to bring back the quality, materiality and proportions of historic NYC towers, while taking advantage of the latest technology to push the limits of engineering and fabrication.

“The facade is designed to read at multiple scales and vantage points; the shaping of the Terra Cotta that clads the east and west facades creates a sweeping play on shadow and light from the city scale, as the texture provides richness up close.”

skyscraper-nyc-3According to reports, the proposed tower will comprise 80 stories and will contain 60 residences. With a starting price of $14 million, a luxury apartment within the build will set buyers and investors back a fair bit of cash.

To withstand the elements, the building will be supported by incredibly thick and sturdy perimeter walls. In a bit to cement the tower’s world-wide iconic status, the external walls will be wrapped terracotta, glass and bronze filigree.


“A glass curtain wall along the North façade will take full advantage of the tower’s sweeping views of Central Park. At its base the tower is nestled into a courtyard wrapped by the existing landmarked Steinway Building.  Set back from the street, the tower maintains visibility to the Steinway Building’s front façade and preserves the Rotunda space of Steinway’s main showroom,” SHoP explained.

With an estimated completion date set for 2017, we look forward to seeing this new addition to New York City’s world famous skyline.


[Image credit] SHoP

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