Selling property in the wintertime is not that difficult

The disadvantages are more than the advantages when it comes to selling property in the cold winter, however, with a little bit of a talent for reorganization and with a couple of free days or more – you can easily enhance the chance to sell your property at a reasonable price. Yet the price is an essential factor and that`s why you want to hire a real estate agency to do everything professionally. The condition of the house is the next important thing and the following tips and tricks will help maintain a truly appealing outlook of your house for selling even in the winter.

– 1 –

Clean everything to really make a good impression for yourself, like you`re a good housekeeper all year round. The deep cleaning can begin with some easy tasks and exercises like the removal of small stains from carpets and rugs, polishing the metal parts of the appliances and the furnishings, and some kitchen cleaning. Continue with a double inspection to see the objects that will require a further deep cleaning. Make domestic detergents and do everything by yourself or hire a carpet cleaning company for the heavily soiled carpets – in all cases, try to make the house as more visually pleasing as possible. The key for that is to make it as clean as possible.

– 2 –

Then, make sure that your house will stay clean, because the wintertime offers some surprises like no other season. It comes to the issue of entering with wet or dirty shoes, leaving the doors and the windows open, too low air temperature that may cause cracks in leathered furnishings, too high humidity that can cause loss of texture or even discoloration, and more. Keep in mind that when you list your house for selling, you should expect more visitors than usual. For example – the real estate agent will come to inspect the condition and specs of the house, and you should expect numerous visits from potential buyers. It is not appropriate to ask everyone to leave the shoes off before entering the house, so make sure to protect well the floorings or at least the areas that see the heaviest foot traffic. The carpets and the rugs are most vulnerable to dirt and snow. Use plastic bags or wrappings, spread out sheets of clean cardboard or take all other measurements to protect the floors due to the winter conditions outdoors.

– 3 –

Know the specs of the house and especially the ones that change in the wintertime. If you have a big backyard with a lawn – you should know through which months the lawn is covered, where are the areas that require special winter coverings, where is located the central heat and how to switch it on, etc. What`s the condition with the terrace, with the cellar or whether there is a special closing of the windows during the coldest months of the winter. The visitors will pretty much appreciate any specific and yet important information about the house in winter conditions.

– 4 –

Eliminate all the obstacles to the front door so to ensure a flawless accessibility to your house, as well as to all the rooms. Expect visitors and inspections. Clean a small area in front of the house and make a path for moving freely. Find a snow removal company if needed in advance.

– 5 –

Ensure the comfort in the atmosphere by ensuring enough heat and light. Make the ordinary winter days in the house to look cozy, consoling and soothing, which is the best way to make the house more appealing to the visitors.


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