The first challenges to face after arriving in the new house

The moving day can last like a glimpse or it can turn into a long and truly overwhelming day. It all depends on the organization, which should take place quite before the move. As soon as the moving van arrives in front of your new home, however, another journey just begins – unloading the van, unboxing and arranging your possessions, etc. Take a look at some of the biggest challenges to face after arriving in the new house.

The first minutes of your arrival are very important, because they are essential for your mood and definitely for the mood of your kids. Make sure to know where exactly you keep the keys for the front door of the new house, and ensure that you arrive in the planned moment. Check out the weather forecast in advance, but be prepared for unexpected surprises like stronger winds or even rainfalls. The different conditions in the new location may cause some troubles if not prepared in advance. To avoid any risk or damaging your possessions and especially the electronic devices due to unexpected rain – just enwrap all the devices in plastic bags and seal them well with a tape.

The first minutes of your arrival are also essential for making a good impression to the neighbors. If they like you from the first contact, you will get a lot of advantages when introducing your kids to the quarter, to the new school, etc. That`s why a great tip is to spend a few minutes to meet the neighbors right after your arrival and thus to inform them about your arrival. They may also have kids at the same age of your kids and another great idea is to meet the kids so they can play together while you are dealing with the lifting of heavy bags and boxes.

Check out the lights in the new house, the condition of the gas stove and the gas system, the security system and all other major supplying components. Ensure that everything works flawlessly and the condition of the house is just the same, as you should know it before the move. Next, inspect the garden area and especially the route to the front door for any imperfections on the terrain, such as bumps, fallen leaves, branches, rocks, stairs, etc. Provide an impeccable access to the front door so the unloading of your possessions can go smoothly and safely.

Prepare the sleeping area. Put this task high on the agenda if you arrive in the afternoon or later at night. A great idea is to pile the bags and the boxes in a different room temporarily, and to prepare the beds for the kids first. Your kids can feel much more comfortable with the change if they have all the comfort from the first night in the new house. The same applies for the pets such as cats and dogs, for example.

Finally, unbox and arrange all the items in the new house. Check out the condition of every item for damages or malfunctions due to the relocation, then, choose the best places for the arrangement of the new house. This is a quite time-consuming step, but a very important step. Return the empty boxes to the removal company in Roehampton. Do some cleaning of the new house and don`t forget to wipe off dust on the next day.


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