The packing/loading hacks you should know

With a few simple tricks and hacks, you can go through the moving day just like an ordinary day with a little bit more exercises and adventures. The key for a trouble-less moving day is in the good preparation of everything and quite in advance. Because of that, let`s get started with some packing/loading tips. Next are a few important ones.

1 – Get or rent as many removal boxes as possible. If you have different size boxes, you will have a greater choice when packing your belongings and it is easier to organize everything in the safest way. You can choose whether to store numerous small objects in a medium sized box, or to pack numerous individual items each in its own box. The removal bags are more useful in some cases too.

2 – Make yourself a schedule or a list with tasks that should take place during the packing. When you organize everything in a list, you guarantee that the chance for forgetting or leaving something behind is smaller. It may be a simple short list with only a few steps, but it will always help you keep everything in order.

3 – Protect your belongings in the best manner. First, consider the distance to the new house and the type of the items themselves. If you are moving house just to another area of the city – then you probably do not need to protect your items at all. For a relocation with a dozen of hours of driving through different terrains – then, definitely a greater idea is to do everything possible for the safety of your objects.

4 – Pick up the right safety measurements for the specific objects. Edge protectors and handling straps are good for furniture removals. Bubble wraps and plastic wraps are recommended for electronic devices and appliances. Heavy-duty plastic boxes can protect almost any kind of dismantled objects, etc.

5) Use gliding blankets when loading your belongings in the removal van. The gliding blanket makes the arrangement of the heavy items much easier, because there is no need to lift or handle the item. Furthermore, the blanket protects the both floor of the van and the bottom of the item from scratches.

6) Secure the big heavy objects with ropes. Attach the smaller objects to the heavier ones via rope or with heavy-duty tape. It will prevent the objects from turning or rolling during the trip.

7) Choose the right size of the removal van, which is perhaps one of the most essential things to do when moving house. The best van is not always the biggest or the most expensive van. It has to be just enough to fit comfortably and efficiently all the boxes and objects.

8) Rent a van with a sliding side door if you plan to stop it alongside the fence or alongside the road in front of the property. A van with a rear door could be a better choice if there is plenty of parking space in front of the house.

9) Ask the neighbors to free the parking space for about an hour during the loading of the van.

10) Inspect the route to the front door of the house before getting started with the loading. Check out the route for any imperfections, such as bumps, dirt, branches, rocks, stairs, etc.

11) Spread out sheets of cardboard on the floors. The unused boxes and bags can easily turn into floor coverings to protect the floors from dirty shoes, dust, rain and other blemishes.

12) Give tasks to all the family members. Everyone can help although the bigger hustle and bustle. Just make sure to organize the tasks in advance.

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