Why the best DIY-style property marketing always starts at home

Why the best DIY-style property marketing always starts at home


When the time comes to sell your home, there are a lot of decisions to make. They relate to many different details and all of them have their own, specific impact on how and to whom, your property will sell. But, even with the variety of marketing options available to advertise your home, the DIY element of selling your property will always start with the property itself.

“As an estate agent, its my job to be aware of all the different marketing, advertising and viewing strategies out there,” said Wimbledon estate agent, Robert Holmes. “But, one thing that will never change in any estate agency marketing strategy is that the condition of properties we market has a huge impact on who will ultimately buy it and at what price.”

The right condition

Making sure your property is in the right condition to sell quickly, or at a price you’re happy with doesn’t always mean it has to be pristine. That means you need to consider your target market.

If your property is ideally situated and the right size for a family, it needs to have space, storage and preferably, more than one bathroom. And, if the kitchen isn’t in the open plan style that is so popular, a separate dining room needs to be bright and the kitchen itself should have easy access to the back garden.

Some of these details are relatively easy to achieve with a good de-clutter and a refresh with neutral, light paint. Others, such as windows looking onto gardens and adding toilets or additional bathrooms, aren’t.

But, if you can add a toilet or bathroom by converting an existing space with a plumber you know and trust, it could well be worth the effort.

A target market who wants a property that’s clean, easy to maintain and ready to move in are your professionals. They can be older or younger, it doesn’t really matter. What’s important to them is practicality. A nice dose of ‘excellent quality finish’ helps sell to this market, too.

“Where people want to move in and get on with their lives, they want a property that doesn’t look as though it needs a lot, or even anything done to update it,” said Assetgrove. “Dress the property well too, to help make it seem as though your prospective buyers could just move in their furniture and carry on with their busy lives.”

A fixer upper

If you’re the owner of a home that’s in real need of some TLC, or perhaps inherited a home that hasn’t been decorated since the 1970’s or 80’s, you have a bit of a dilemma on your hands.

One option is to leave it exactly as it is – demand for a renovation property remains high and its sure to be picked up in no time. However, that quick sale of your property ‘as is’ will also mean a lower price. Home-buyers in search of a ‘project property’ aren’t just looking for a home that needs work, they also typically want to add value.

Or, you could carry out all the works and get top dollar for your newly renovated, looks-like-new property and secure a great price for it. But, you need to be careful with this option as you have to be certain that you recoup the money you invest and preferably, make a nice profit on top, too.

“A home seller’s best marketing tactic has to be to ensure their property is in the best condition for a variety of markets or absolutely perfect for a particular one,” said Best Gapp. “Then, provided the estate agent has it on show in the right places, its sure to attract the right buyers in no time at all.”

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